Friday, June 10th, 2016 | Author:

Kelsky Law Gets State Court Judgment Excluded from Bankruptcy

Kelsky Law is pleased to announce that it was able to have a state court judgment excluded from bankruptcy thereby allowing collection on the debt obtained as a result of a trial.  In Summer 2014, Kelsky Law obtained a jury verdict on a fraudulent misrepresentation claim.  In an attempt to collect on the debt, the judgment debtor filed for bankruptcy protection.  In response, Kelsky Law filed an adversary proceeding seeking to have the debt declared nondischargeable.  After motions for summary judgment were filed, Kelsky Law was able to negotiate a resolution excluding a substantial portion of the debt from being discharged in the bankruptcy court.  As a result, a large portion of the debt survived the bankruptcy and the clients that obtained the judgment will be able to collect a substantial portion of their jury victory.