Wednesday, November 5th, 2008 | Author:

Air Conditioning Systems Breeding Mold

Condominium unit owners and home owners alike should note that mold infestation may not be limited to just drywall, carpeting, etc.  Air conditioning systems can breed mold.  For example, if duct work is not appropriately sealed or if there are other points where cold air comes into contact with warm air throughout the air conditioning system, moisture will develop at the point of that “leak” which can then produce mold.  As a result, the air conditioning system can literally disperse mold throughout the home.   Additionally, if there is mold in the wall spaces and the air conditioning system is compromised, mold can be sucked up into the system from this extrinsic source.  Either way, an air conditioning system that has actual or potential leaks can continue to spread mold even if there has been a remediation.  Thus, prior to conducting a meaningful remediation, the homeowner/unit owner should make sure that the entire air conditioning system is in good working order.  The last thing anybody wants to do is to pay thousands of dollars to remediate the home to only find out later on that there is mold within the air conditioning system that being spread throughout the home.
The homeowner/unit owner should keep in mind that, in new construction, the air conditioning installer may not have done their job correctly and that, as a result, the owner may have a direct claim against the contractor for a construction defect or negligence.  As with any mold case, it is important for a homeowner/unit owner to document, with photographs, any and all problems that may exist in the home.

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