October 27, 2008

Hit and Run: The Benefits of UM Coverage

Given the fact that there are so many uninsured drivers in the South Florida area, we believe that each person that carries automobile insurance should also […]
October 27, 2008

Mold and New Housing Constructions

With all the new housing construction that occurred over the last few years preceding the current housing crisis, many homeowners found mold throughout their homes due […]
October 23, 2008

Water Intrusion & Mold

Water intrusion suffered by a condominium unit owner often leads to the development of mold.  Putting aside the fact that mold can negatively impact one’s health, […]
October 15, 2008

Condominium Contract Deposit Disputes

As an attorney handling condominium contract deposit disputes, I have concerns that the current economic crisis is going to further impair the ability of those seeking […]